How To Boost Energy Naturally With The Help Of Food And Vitamins

A lack of energy is something we can all relate to, whether it’s the midafternoon slump that hits us at work or an overall feeling of lethargy that we can’t seem to shake. Looking for ways to boost energy without reaching for harmful stimulants is easy to do, and with the right food and lifestyle choices you can get a natural energy booster in minutes.

Whether you want to focus on vitamins that give you energy or making small but important changes in your daily diet, there is a range of methods proven to give you an added boost. When you’re unable to meet the required levels of nutrients through your foods, a natural supplement might be the best way to boost energy.

With added energy you’ll be motivated to get on with your day, and have the strength to maintain a regular exercise routine and keep on top of your daily responsibilities. Whether you’re after a quick shot of energy to wake you up each morning, or something more long lasting, there’s a natural remedy for you.

The Best Vitamins For Energy

The power of vitamins is undisputed, and these important compounds are responsible for most of our health and wellbeing. But what vitamins give you energy? While there are many natural sources of energy, the best vitamins for energy come from B-12.

This amazing vitamin is responsible for many bodily functions production of DNA, nervous system health, and regeneration of bone marrow, to name a few. However, for people deficient in it, the vitamin has been reported to boost your energy, concentration, memory, and mood.

The best way to get vitamin B-12 is with a varied diet of meat, eggs, fish, and dairy, but for those who can’t eat enough of these foods there are supplements available. Vitamin B-12 taken in conjunction with other natural energy boosters and health supplements can improve your energy levels significantly.

Foods To Eat For Energy

In addition to foods that contain B-12 vitamins for energy, there are some other amazing natural sources to consider as well. Incorporating just one or two of these foods into your daily diet can boost energy levels both in the short term and permanently.

  • Caffeine – For a quick boost of energy, many people rely on the natural powers of caffeine to wake them up each morning. Be careful not to overindulge in caffeine otherwise you’ll burn out, and may become anxious or jittery from too much coffee.
  • Spinach – Many people with an iron deficiency will find themselves lacking energy. Spinach is one of the best sources of iron, along with other leafy vegetables such as kale. For an added iron boost, consume your spinach with a vitamin-C rich food such as oranges to help your body absorb even more.
  • Quinoa – Whole grains such as quinoa are great for long lasting energy that will get you through the day. This grain is gluten free so it won’t make you sluggish, and it can be eaten with breakfast, lunch or dinner, so it’s completely versatile.
  • Beans – Rather than giving you a quick boost of energy, beans and other fiber rich foods will leave you feeling fuller for longer. As your body converts this into energy, you’re more likely to have the fuel to last you throughout the day rather than a quick fix.

Other Ways To Boost Energy Naturally

Food is not the only way to boost energy, and it can often be hard for people to eat the recommend servings of some ingredients. Thankfully, there are other ways to boost energy that are easy to do and don’t require a lot of preparation.

  • Natural energy supplements – Many people choose to take a natural supplement that works in more ways than one. Things such as green tea extract or Forskolin provide a healthy and natural solution to energy problems, weight loss, and metabolism boosting with just one or two tablets a day on top of a healthy diet.
  • Adequate sleep – Sleeping enough for energy isn’t just about making sure you hit the required levels, but also about ensuring you don’t go over them. For adults, between 7 to 9 hours a night is ideal and anything more or less could be putting significant strain on your energy levels.
  • Keeping active – The best way to boost energy is be expending it, and keeping active for just 30 minutes a day doesn’t need to be hard work. Regular exercise can boost blood circulation, improve your mood, and allow you to get a decent sleep each night so it’s one of the best natural energy boosters available.

The Importance Of Energy

Not only is energy important to get us through the day, but without adequate energy our bodies are more likely to have a weakened immune system. This in turn makes us susceptible to illness and depression, which can further drain our energy.

In conjunction with a healthy and varied diet, you should consider taking a natural supplement to boost energy. These natural remedies are great for providing you with energy vitamins and nutrients that you might not otherwise be able to get from your food.

Try to avoid processed foods in your quest for energy, as things such as white bread and donuts will actually have the reverse effect. Instead, aim for foods that provide a longer lasting source of energy and then rely on a cup of coffee or natural supplement to give you the extra boost.

With good levels of energy, you’ll be more likely to power through your day with a positive outlook, and find it easier to participate in regular exercise. These things in turn will boost your energy further, so the benefits continue.

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