How To Increase Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism is a popular term heard when discussing our bodies and their ability to lose weight. Simply put, metabolism is the process our body takes to convert food and drink into energy which it achieves by combining it with oxygen.

Our metabolism is working at all times, even when we’re not aware of it. This process occurs while we sleep, eat, walk, and even sit on the couch. As our bodies are all different, we each process foods at a different rate as well. Our metabolic rate is determined by a few factors, but can also be influenced greatly by the food we eat.

Having a slow metabolism could be responsible for weight gain, so it’s important to try and keep your metabolic rate up. For some, they may find their weight losses have slowed down although they are still working hard with exercise and diet, and this is where your metabolism comes into play.

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways for how to get a fast metabolism or rev yours up if it seems to have stalled and is causing a plateau. With a few simple food and lifestyle changes, you can get back on track again.

Factors Which Determine Your Fat Metabolism

While the foods we eat and our general lifestyle and wellbeing has some impact on whether we have a high metabolism or slow metabolism, there are a few other factors which determine it also.

  • Gender – Because men usually have less body fat than women, their metabolic rate is higher so they’re able to perform the process faster.
  • Age – As we grow older, our muscle decreases and fat increases, slowing own our metabolism in the process.
  • Body size and composition – The larger you are, the more calories your body burns on its own. This is particularly true for those with a greater makeup of muscle than fat.

Increase Metabolism For Weight Loss

The main reason people want to learn how to increase your metabolism is due to weight loss, as a faster metabolic rate has been shown to burn calories more quickly. However, there are other things you need to do to lose weight effectively, so relying on your metabolism alone won’t be as successful as implementing a range of healthy lifestyle choices.

Having a normal metabolism is also great for flushing out toxins and other impurities from your body, so its benefits go far beyond weight loss. This is all achieved through your perspiration, urination, and bowel movements, which help to cleanse your body of anything unwanted.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to improve your metabolism both with food and other lifestyle choices. Not only are these tips great for metabolism, but they all lead to an overall healthier and happier life.

How To Improve Metabolism With Food

There are a few natural metabolism boosters found in everyday foods which can be crucial to increasing your rate. Just by incorporating some of these ingredients into your everyday eating, you can surge your metabolism quickly and easily.

  • Egg whites – Thanks to their high level of branched-chain amino acids, egg whites are one of the easiest ways to increase metabolism. Try to add a few to an omelet for an easy fix.
  • Chili and spices – Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a natural metabolism booster. Simply add a few spices or fresh chilies to your next meal to feel the effect.
  • Coffee – What better reason to enjoy your morning cup of coffee? People who enjoy a cup of coffee each day have a higher metabolic rate than those who don’t and may find it easier to shift those pounds.

By avoiding processed foods and sticking to a varied diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, you’re helping your body to work smarter at converting energy.

Other Ways To Increase Metabolism

While our diets are essential in determining out metabolic rate, as well as how fast we’re likely to lose weight, there are some other simple ways to increase metabolism for faster results.

  • Exercise – One of the simplest ways to increase metabolism is a brisk 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. By adding exercise to your daily routine you’re burning an additional 100 calories at least.
  • Drink more water – Being just a little bit dehydrated can slow do your metabolism, according to By drinking water cold you can burn even further calories as your body uses energy to warm it up.
  • Take a natural health supplement – When you’re finding it hard to get the right nutrients or shift weight yourself, a natural health supplement can be ideal. Find one with metabolic boosting ingredients such as caffeine, Forskolin, and conjugated linoleic acid for the best results.
  • Get more sleep – Those who don’t get enough sleep find it harder to maintain blood sugar levels and will have a sluggish metabolism too, so aim for between 7 to 9 hours each night for adults.

A Fast Metabolism For A Healthy Body

Although there are some factors which determine our metabolic rate which cannot be changed, most of what we eat and do will impact it in some way. As we grow older and our metabolism invariably slows down, it’s even more important to eat the foods which will give it a boost and stay mindful of how active we are.

Having a normal metabolism is not only great for weight loss but can help your body rid itself of other nasty contaminants too. By improving your natural ability to process and flush out toxins, you’re guaranteed to feel better overall in mind and body.

When diet and lifestyle alone can’t give your metabolism a boost, it may be wise to seek out a natural health supplement to assist. Avoid anything with chemicals or additives, and stick to purely natural ingredients to ensure your body is getting the very best it deserves.

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