How To Increase Serotonin Naturally To Boost Your Mood And Energy

As one of the most intricate chemicals working within us, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which works on sending messages from one area of the brain to another. With so many important messages to relay, it’s thought to be responsible for many of our psychological functions including mood, sleep, and appetite.

Occasionally, our serotonin levels may become low and there’s a need to increase serotonin production in our bodies. There are generally some symptoms which make this obvious, but often times it goes undetected and is blamed on other issues.

When we experience low serotonin levels, we become affected in many ways. For that reason, it’s essential to focus on the foods, vitamins, and lifestyle choices which can help increase serotonin so that we’re feeling our best constantly.

How Does Serotonin Deficiency Occur

While the exact cause of serotonin deficiency isn’t known, there are said to be some factors which can contribute. Because of the complex nature of this chemical, there may also be other hormonal and environment factors at play which can cause a depletion in levels too.

  • Threonine – This amino acid can be founf in green tea, and high levels have been found to inhibit nerve cells from releasing serotonin, causing the need for serotonin supplements.
  • Vitamin B6 – A vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to low levels of serotonin, so additional supplements may need to be taken. This deficiency can also be responsible for anemia, dermatitis, and a weakened immune system.
  • L-Tryptophan – A deficiency in L-Tryptophan in your diet may lead to lower levels of serotonin. This amino acid begins to deplete without the correct ratio of other branch-chain amino acids in your diet which causes lower amounts to enter the brain.

The Symptoms Of Low Serotonin

This chemical is so powerful that when you experience low serotonin it’s evident with a range of symptoms. The most common symptom of decreased serotonin is depression, but there are some other warning signs to be aware of too.

Women often experience low serotonin levels than men, so it pays to be extra cautious. For men and women, though, indicators such as sugar cravings, insomnia, anxiety, and unfounded worry can all be signs of low serotonin and may lead to more serious serotonin depression.

Thankfully, there are some simple ways to naturally increase serotonin and you should attempt these before reaching for anything stronger to help improve your mood. After just a few weeks you should notice a difference in your mood and disposition, thanks to these natural serotonin builders.

Natural Serotonin Boosters

Many people’s first reaction when faced with a mood imbalance or depressed state is to head to the doctor. While it’s essential to get medical treatment when you’re feeling low mentally and physically, there are some natural serotonin boosters that may get you back on track.

  • Diet – A serotonin diet which aims to increase levels and improve your mood and well-being is the first step to take. As serotonin is synthesized from tryptophan, foods that are high in this amino acid are ideal. However, just because a food has tryptophan doesn’t make it the ultimate cure for low serotonin. Eating these foods with a serving of carbohydrates is the best way to increase serotonin, so recipes that feature protein and iron are great when coupled with carbs to give your mood a boost. The carbohydrates cause your body to increase insulin production which makes it easier to absorb the amino acids.
  • ExerciseNumerous studies have proven the link between exercise and boosting serotonin levels, and it’s one of the easiest ways to help yourself feel good again. There are two ways in which exercise helps serotonin, both in its production and the level of tryptophan in the brain. Performing just 30 minutes a day of exercise can help to fire up your serotonin and in particular aerobic exercise. For this reason, stick to cardio to get your heart racing and improve your mood significantly.
  • Sunlight – The sun often gets a bad rap in regards to health, and while it’s true that exposure to UV rays can be harmful there is actually a lot of good they can do. The sunlight is responsible for boosting vitamin D levels in our bodies, which help to increase serotonin activity. Aim to get some natural sunlight every day without exposing yourself too much, and notice the effects on your mood.
  • Natural serotonin supplements – There are many great natural supplements available that claim to boost serotonin levels, and these are useful if you’re not ready to reach for chemical solutions just yet. Using a daily natural serotonin supplement might include one with amino acids, vitamins, herbs, and other ingredients that aim to increase your production and improve your mood. When taken with a healthy diet, exposure to the sun, and regular exercise, these should all work together to increase serotonin.

The Importance Of Good Serotonin Levels

This diverse compound has one of the most important roles within our body, even though all of its functions are still not known. Keeping our serotonin levels in a healthy range can generally be achieved with the right food choices, natural supplements, and exposure to sunlight and regular exercise.

When our serotonin levels are low, we’re likely to experience a range of nasty side effects. These can include insomnia, worry, and anxiety, which may make it difficult to get on with other important aspects of our life. Serotonin and depression are the two most often linked, and this illness can have serious consequences on our mental health.

If you’re feeling a little low or experiencing some of the warning signs of low serotonin, make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle see if they help in any way. Boosting your serotonin can’t be a quick fix, though, so be patient before you see you any meaningful and long-lasting results.

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